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It was also the same suit and tie and shirt that I had worn on the day I preached at her funeral, when I handed her over to her bridegroom forever, Jesus.And it was the exact same suit and tie and shirt that I was now wearing here on our 25th wedding anniversary, going on a 3-way date with just God and me and my memories of Lana.You can find out more about the retreat at the link at the end of today’s message. I usually don’t, though, because there’s too much to do to stop and cry whenever I feel like it.I was sending some texts back and forth with my daughter yesterday afternoon. But sometimes, like yesterday, I just let it all out.I thought a little more about it and wondered how many years it would have been this year.Then it hit me: this would have been our 25th anniversary, a time when people take trips or do something a little more exotic than usual. I had just done a wedding for some friends and they went to Cancun on the northern coast of Mexico. Then I remembered my sister had offered me a “buddy pass” on the airline where she worked a few months earlier.Suddenly I couldn’t imagine just staying home and trying to work, do school with the kids, and make breakfast, lunch and dinner as if it were just any other day. Everything I could think of seemed so disappointing. Back when she asked me, I didn’t have anywhere special I needed to go. I called her and asked if she still had the pass and if I might use it to go to Cancun for my anniversary, just from Tuesday to Thursday of that week.

This first title of the series, 12° Planet, presents/displays ancient tests of the existence of another planet within the Solar System. For the first hour on the plane I thought I was crazy.But then God began to speak to me, showing me that He was going with me the whole way. I had been wearing a suit and tie for the flight because to use the buddy pass you have to dress up. It was just what I happened to find in the closet the morning of the trip.I realized my mistake when I got on the plane to Cancun and saw that I was the only one on the whole plane in a suit and tie!I was feeling uncomfortable and out of place, but then I realized that this was the exact same suit and tie and shirt that I had worn to attend a wedding with Lana a few years earlier which turned out to be one of my favorite memories, dancing and romancing the whole night with her.

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