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The manner of dating the prophecy in Isaiah would seem to be due to the circumstance that Ahaz, like Tiglath-Pileser, died in 727/6.According to ii Kings , however, the campaign of *Sennacherib (701 b.c.e.) took place in the 14 year of Hezekiah's reign which would place the beginning of Hezekiah's reign in 715/4 b.c.e.He would thus strengthen the ties between the people of Judah and the dynasty of David, which reigned in Jerusalem.

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Oft werden Wendungen aufgezeigt, etwa wie jemand zum Glauben findet oder sich in einer schwierigen Situation mit der Hilfe Gottes zurechtfindet und neu orientiert.The purge included the removal of cultic objects with a long history in Judah, such as the "high places," the pillars, the Asherah cult pole, and the *copper serpent whose creation was attributed to Moses in the desert (Num. In ii Chronicles 29–32, the emphasis is placed on the renewal of the cult and the return to the service of God as in the days of David and Solomon (ii Chron. In the Books of Kings and Chronicles, a personal and religious reason for this reform is given.The changes stemmed from the will of the king, who was pious and did that which was upright in the eyes of God, more than any other king who reigned before him (ii Kings 18:3, 5–6; ii Chron. It seems that there were also some political aspects to this religious reform.Bekannte Persönlichkeiten oder Menschen, die anderen ein Vorbild sein können, teilen ihre Geschichte in einer Biografie mit Ihnen.Diese Biografie kann von einem anderen Autor oder vom Betroffenen selbst verfasst sein, was eine Autobiografie ausmacht.

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