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We've been on this walk for 20 minutes, and he hasn't brought up Burning Man yet.3.

He's looking at the horizon with a far-off look in his eye.

So now, I update my dating profile to specify "no Burners," right?

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Let's see, if he is 29 now, that means he started going when he was 20 years old. And all the drugs you do before then permanently alter it? "So you fell in love with the girl you met while doing whip-its and then you broke up? I mean, this guy was nice, but I don't know if I can actually be with someone who doesn't share a deep sense of irony and an ability to distinguish sarcasm from a genuine statement.18. And I definitely don't want to be around 68,000 other people.28. Both Luke Rockhold and Guilherme 'Bomba' Vasconcelos were wrapped around the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer's finger, but we couldn't help but wonder how she initially started talking to each of them.Demi has previously mentioned that she met 'Bomba' while working out at the gym, but we had our reservations about that. Do you know your brain isn't even fully formed until you reach age 25? I wonder if he'll notice if I say something sarcastic right now.15. Or is that what I am supposed to be doing with my 20s? I mean, there are very few people on this planet with whom I would want to be in a tent in the desert.27. OK, so he's telling me about a girl he met at the festival and immediately fell in love with.12. Yup, LOL, sure enough, she dumped him as soon as he got back to New York.14. Probably while people were having an orgy all around me.22. Should I ask whether he wants to take me to Burning Man next year? "If you are not OK being in a tent in a desert with this person, it's not going to work out."26.

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