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After the success of the Curvex, Gruen launched a series of Veri-Thin wristwatches.Like the Curvex, the Veri-Thin was developed to fill fashionable watch case shapes.To graduate, Fred was given bars of metal from which he had to build working watch movements, designing and manufacturing all the parts.In 1894, after an economic depression had forced them out of the Columbus Watch Company, Dietrich and Fred formed a new partnership.The 1904 Gruen Veri Thin pocket watch was a major breakthrough; although it had the same major parts as a traditional movement, Dietrich managed to rearrange components to achieve a much thinner watch.From this point on, Gruen specialized in thin, elegant pocket watches.Gruen was one of the first companies to design movements specifically for wristwatches; it made rectangular movements for rectangular watches, while most competitors still used small, round movements.

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In the 1920s and ’30s, rectangular watches were fashionable.In 1935 Fred Gruen, now 63 years old, became Chairman of the Board and Benjamin S.Katz was brought in as President of the Gruen Watch Company.This was carried even further in the famous Gruen Curvex.Curved watches became popular in the 1930s, and Gruen’s Curvex movement curved to fit the watch; Gruen’s watches could be thinner and more curved than competitor’s watches with flat movements inside.

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