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Seeing a locker room full of naked women at the gym is pretty much every gym junkie’s fantasy so there’s nothing quite as sexy as seeing you, fresh out of the gym with skin tight gym gear on, hot, sweaty and feeling sexier than ever. Showing a bit of cleavage, wearing a sheer top or putting on a mini skirt isn’t tasteless, it’s actually super seductive. If you're in a long term relationship and it's been a while since your man’s seen you wear something kinky, slip on something a little bit more daring than your usual and remind your man how much he really aches for you. You might also like: How To Master Sex: 10 Simple Ways To Be Better In Bed50 Shades of Grey Sex Positions To Channel Your "Inner Goddess"How To Have Great Sex!Act innocent, but be playful - once he catches on, the rest will be sexstory! But don’t forget to tie your partner up first - he won’t be able to keep his hands off you for very long...

Try our 10 simple spontaneous sex tips (not all involving the dirty) that will Blow. (Better hope there’s somewhere near for a quickie.) Tip: wear a dress for easy access.

Chatrandom is getting a mind blowing 350,000 visitors a day and over 8,000,000 users a month.

The site is only for those over 18 , as there is a very popular adult section of the site titled “Chat with only girls”.

Press that send button girl and let the visuals take him over. Letting your man know that you’re enjoying yourself and that he feels amazing is a pretty simple way to turn him on. Let loose, tune everything out and let the sensations take over your body.

Tip: Dig your finger nails into his back or scratch him lightly to pull him closer. A women in lingerie is one thing, but pair it with hosiery and suspenders and you’ll be too goddam hot to handle.

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