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Panther improved performance in almost every area, especially graphics.

These are generally the latest version of these programs that run on Panther. We strongly recommend Opera 9.6.x (the only browser for Panther still being updated), Firefox, and Camino 1.0.6.

Now, Mac users have the choice to sync that data locally, or continue to sync it through i Cloud, depending on their personal preferences.

Podcasts for i OS 2.1 or later is recommended when syncing podcast episodes.

Specifically, OS X 10.9.3 includes improved support for 4K displays attached to Mac Pro and Mac Book Pro Retina Macs, improvements to the stability of VPN connections using IPSec, a Safari update, and the ability to locally sync some data with i OS devices via USB.

The latter feature addition is perhaps most notable for many Mac users, because it allows for the ability for contacts and calendars to sync directly from an i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod touch to a Mac using a USB connection, something that was initially removed from OS X Mavericks in favor of i Cloud only syncing.

Note: Some Mac users have discovered the /Users folder goes missing after updating to OS X 10.9.3, here’s a solution to that if it happens to you.

Update 5/16/2014: i Tunes 11.2.1 is now available to resolve the aforementioned /Users folder bug where that directory turned hidden unexpectedly.

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