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Wolf's third child, daughter Sarina, had a character named for her, Benson's mother was named Serena, as well as former ADA Serena Southerlyn on the original Law & Order and Det. Olivia Benson is a detective in the Manhattan Special Victims Unit, which investigates sex crimes.She is primarily partnered with Elliot Stabler, until he retires after season 12.Upon the retirement of Sergeant Munch at the beginning of season 15, Captain Cragen recommends to her that she should take the sergeant's exam, as she was now his second in command.In the episode, "Rapist Anonymous", she makes the announcement that she has passed the exam, officially making her a sergeant.He initially has a rocky relationship with his colleagues in SVU, especially his partner John Munch and Olivia Benson.He sees the world in black and white, with all criminals equally deserving of prison regardless of extenuating circumstances.

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He rarely talks about his personal life, not revealing he has a son to his fellow detectives until the sixth season.

Three of the regular characters have appeared in three other NBC series: Captain Donald Cragen (Florek), who was on the first three seasons of Law & Order, Sergeant John Munch (Belzer), formerly a Baltimore detective on Homicide: Life on the Street.

This character also made appearances on Law & Order, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Arrested Development, The Beat, The X-Files, and the HBO series The Wire.

After Cragen's retirement, she becomes acting commanding officer of SVU until she is subsequently promoted to Lieutenant in season 17 and officially takes command of the unit.

At the end of season 15, she became a foster mother to Noah Porter, formally adopting him at the end of season 16.

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